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Biote Hormone Pellet Therapy-Male

  • South 8th Street

Service Description

Our team now offers the Biote Method of hormone optimization. Biote, the nation’s leading hormone optimization company, has turned over 80 years of scientific research into a medical protocol that may help with the earliest signs of hormone imbalance, including: ➔ Fatigue ➔ Decreased sex drive ➔ Brain fog ➔ Weight gain ➔ Sleep issues ➔ Mood swings …And so much more. Males are typically needed to receive their next pellet procedure after the initial procedure ever 5-6 months. The range presents due to the metabolism, activity level, and when the negative symptoms return, so this varies from person to person. However, we will discuss all of this during your visit to the clinic! If you’re dealing with any of these frustrating symptoms, we may be able to help!

Contact Details

  • 107 S 8th St, Marysville, KS, USA


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