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Laser Hair Removal

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  • South 8th Street

Service Description

Recommendations for Before Treatment: ● The skin must be clean and dry without any cosmetic products on ● Do not expose the skin to the sun or tanning beds ● Do NOT use Photosensitizing Products on the skin 3-5 days prior to treatment ● Do not tan for at least 2 weeks before the procedure ● NO waxing or tweezing ● Shave at least 24 to 48 hours before treatment (hair cannot be longer than ½ grain of rice protruding from follicle) Recommendations for After Treatment: ● Use sunscreen anytime outside, do not be exposed to the sun. ● Do not tan. ● No exercise or sauna or steam for 24 hours. ● Next treatment should be in 4-6 weeks. ● Keep a healthy diet and avoid spicy foods. ● Protect, cover, and do not press on the treated area. ● Red spots may appear a few days after treatment. Don’t be nervous. This is folliculitis. A small amount of folliculitis is normal. It is recommended to take anti-inflammatory drugs or apply anti-inflammatory ointments. ● Within a few days after the treatment of thick hair, the area may grow half a centimeter, it is the remaining hair left in the hair follicles, it will fall off after rubbing in the bath. ● Do not schedule any fillers, injections, or plastic surgery on the treated area for 2 weeks post laser hair removal.

Contact Details

  • 107 S 8th St, Marysville, KS, USA


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